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Whether you are attending a party, mixing up a pre-dinner cocktail for yourself or ordering one in your favourite bar, most people have one or two special cocktails that they turn to each time. Perhaps because of the flavors, perhaps because of the boldness of the liquor or perhaps simply because of the fun names associated with many cocktails, everyone has their own favourite cocktail recipes (see for sopme great ideas). Here are some of the most popular, and how to make them on your own:

Martini: This classy drink makes many feel sophisticated and upscale, just like the most famous martini drinker, James Bond himself. A traditional martini is served in a specific glass, and is poured neat, meaning there is no ice in the drink. The recipe is simple, mixing gin and a splash of vermouth, and is topped with either a lemon twist or an olive garnish.

Margarita: Some cocktail enthusiasts don’t believe that a margarita is a true cocktail, since the strong tasting flavors overwhelm the alcohol. The ingredients are tequila, triple sec, lime juice and a margarita or sweet and sour mix. While traditionally it is served without ice and with a salted rim, today many people prefer to drink it blended with crushed ice as a way to beat the summer heat.

Cosmopolitan: While this cocktail has long been a popular drink, it has become fashionable in recent years all over again thanks to the rise of celebrity consumption. The ingredients in this attractive pink drink include vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice and a wedge of lime. The precise amounts of the drink vary depending on whether it is served in a small martini glass or in a large tumbler with ice. In the case of the latter, there would be more juice in the combination.

Screwdriver: This is perhaps one of the most basic cocktails imaginable, and is incredibly popular in small home parties, as few ingredients need to be purchased. Simply mix a shot of vodka in a small glass of orange juice with ice and stir.

Mai Tai: This tropical cocktail comes from the Tahitian words that mean out of this world. Quite appropriate, as they are most often consumed at holiday destinations around the world. The ingredients include light rum, dark rum, orange curacao, lime juice, a sweet syrup and a cherry garnish. The Mai Tai is sometimes served in a martini glass, or perhaps a highball glass depending on the size.